MacOS client doesn't integrate properly with the menu bar

I have a problem with the TL client when it’s not in full-screen mode which causes it to interact with the Mac’s window manager improperly. The application name in the menu bar (right next to the apple) of a connected session shows the application that I used immediately prior to switching to the ThinLinc client, even though the TL client has focus and appears to be the foreground application. If I click on the application name then I get that application’s menu items and its windows come to the fore. Has anyone else seen this wonky behavior or is it just me?

TL client 4.12.1 build 6733 on macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina).

@rhorer I notice the same behavior in my machine.

I have the same versions as you do.

I have the same problem … see my other post on this toppic

@martin @samuel is this a known bug?

@aaron I don’t think this is a known bug. It doesn’t surprise me however, seeing as how things are built. We have had multiple issues on the topic in the past:

I created a new bug for this one:

Thanks for the report!

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