Docker Based RamRoot Generator – a system for netbooting Thin(Linc)-Clients

For some time we have been using a modified version of @j.maus excellent ThinRoot system on our thin clients. Due to some work on another project I got the idea of trying a completely different approach for creating a Linux client image – Docker to the rescue!

For the last few days all of our thin clients have been booting a regular ubuntu system, and it works very well. Today, there was this announcement from Ubuntu about a kernel security update. All I had todo was make ubuntu and 10 minutes later, the clients could be rebooted into a freshly built Ubuntu system with all the latest security updates integrated.

If you are interested, have a look at the GitHub repo: GitHub - oposs/dbrrg: Docker based RamRoot Generator



Thanks, @tobias.oetiker for your collaboration and for sharing the project with the ThinLinc community! : )

For those interested in reading more, here is a blog post explaining more details about the project. Please share your thoughts and join the discussion. ; )

PXE netboot diskless client for Linux Remote Desktop with ThinLinc

question… what hardware is supported (as one needs appropriate network drivers/etc)? Is it “anything ubuntu 22.04 runs on” ?


Hi Dwbotsch,

exacly, if you can boot ubuntu 22.04, chances are very good that the RR image will work too.


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