Gentoo Linux install

Has anybody successfully been able to install ThinLinc on Gentoo? I’m using Redcore Linux – a Gentoo variant – which wouldn’t have a RPM or DEB package manager by default. It also uses OpenRC as an Init system.

I installed TigerVNC on the system and am pretty happy with it but it’d be nice to have all of the features of ThinLinc.

I’d say not having systemd is a bit more problematic than not having RPM or DPKG. I’m not familiar with OpenRC and therefore I’m unsure if the services can be easily ported.

I believe we have people using ThinLinc on Arch Linux, perhaps you can find some helpful information looking into that.

Well that’s unfortunate. I don’t even see Systemd as a requirement in the documentation.

Too bad they can’t simply make this a Flatpak.