Is it possible to upgrade thinlinc via yum/dnf update½

Is it possible to install thinlinc only through yum install / apt install and maintain the installation with the native linux package mangament system ?

Hello @JakobHolst

No, we do not provide any distribution repositories for the ThinLinc client (or server).
The ThinLinc client do, however, contain an update checker and will notify the user when there’s a new version available.


For enterprise usage, access to the rpm repo for updates is something you really should consider. The linux package management system are a cornerstone i maintaining software .

Your installer is using rpm packages,
I would gladly cooperate and test the upgrade using native linux packages (rpm, deb etc:)

Would it be possible to get access to the source of the rpm files and not the server bundled zip files for testing ?

I am opensource Entrepeneur in Miracle/knowit and I am impressed by the look and feel using thinlinc. I would love to promote it to our customers - native linux upgrade would be quantum leap …

The problem isn’t really the repository or the packages, but rather how ThinLinc needs to be upgraded:

a) Most ThinLinc releases are feature releases, not just bug fixes. That means administrators need to check how the changes affect their installation, and during the upgrade they have to be ready to deal with unexpected consequences.

b) Installing ThinLinc also requires running ThinLinc Setup, not just installing the packages. This is a practical consequence of supporting many distributions. It is possible to automate running ThinLinc Setup, but I wouldn’t recommend just blindly running your old answer file with a new ThinLinc version without considering a).

This means that the value of repositories for the ThinLinc server greatly diminishes. It might even be dangerous for us to set them up, as it might give the impression that you can just do dnf upgrade for ThinLinc and go about your day.