Thinlinc server uninstallation 4.12.1


I have tried Thinlinc on one of my server for a few weeks but I would like now to uninstall it. I must be blind because I couldn’t find in the docs on through search engines the way to uninstall it.

I have tried “sudo ./install-server --help” or “sudo ./install-server -h” but this doesn’t give anything.

Anyone knows?

Thank you

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Yeah, agreed, it would be good to have some documentation on how to uninstall.

ThinLinc is best uninstalled using your system’s own tools, ie “sudo dnf remove thinlinc-" or "sudo apt remove thinlinc-”.


thanks for your answer but I installed it through the Thinlinc installer. So no dnf, rpm or whatever… Just some files a bit all around.

I understand. What the ThinLinc installer does is that it will detect which system you’re on and use the tools on that system. That means if you’re on a 64-bit RPM system the ThinLinc installer will install rpm packages for ThinLinc matching your machine.

You can run rpm -qa thinlinc-* if you want to see the packages that has been installed, and for example rpm -ql thinlinc-webaccess to list the files installed by a package.

I just presumed the installer was copying files all around the system. Great that it actually uses RPM! Therefore quite easy to remove!

Thanks a lot.