How do I easily uninstall the server

I’m a relatively new Linux user and I installed ThinLinc because the default RDP/VNC on Ubuntu seemed to only allow for sharing an existing logged in user and I wanted something that would start a new session. ThinLinc however has pretty much hosed my machine and I’d rather try some other options. I can’t figure out how to “uninstall” (nice easy installer… where’s the easy uninstaller? ) advice?

Hello @ericmedlock

First, thank you for trying out ThinLinc.
We are curious to know why ThinLinc was not an option for you, would you have the time to write a few lines about what was not working in your case, and if there are any improvements that we can take with us?

Regarding uninstallating ThinLinc, it has been answered, but in short:

ThinLinc is best uninstalled using your system’s own tools, ie “sudo dnf remove thinlinc-" or "sudo apt remove thinlinc- ”.

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