Harnessing ThinLinc for Advanced Tumor Treatments & Simulations πŸš€

Hello ThinLinc Community!

From Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations with FBPIC and WarpX to Monte Carlo studies with TOPAS, Geant4, and MCX, the Beam Physics Group (GFF) at UFCSPA, Brazil, is making significant strides. Under the guidance of @abonatto, ThinLinc is central to these advances, optimizing treatments for tumors and delving deeper into FLASH radiotherapy.

Our latest blog post delves into how ThinLinc, a leader in Linux Remote GUI and Linux Remote Access solutions, supports high-capacity computational simulations and streamlines data transfer processes.

:link: [ Making powerful Linux HPC applications accessible for many: How ThinLinc facilitated the Beam Physics Group’s tumor treatment research]

A big shoutout to @annalauraneumann & team for their impeccable case writing and @abonatto & team for their invaluable time and insights. Let’s celebrate these collaborative innovations. Dive in, share your thoughts, and join the conversation as we shape the future of research together. #ThinLincInAction #PICSimulations #MonteCarloStudies #LinuxRemoteAccess