Mapping the ThinLinc Technology Ecosystem - Version Zero

Hello Fellow ThinLinc Enthusiasts,

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has developed projects connected to ThinLinc or contributed to its ecosystem. Your efforts have been instrumental in shaping ThinLinc’s success and utility.

As many of you are aware, ThinLinc, our remote desktop server, thrives in a rich ecosystem of technologies. Our aim is to map and illuminate all add-ons and compatible technologies that enhance ThinLinc, making them more accessible to users like you.

I’ve put together an initial draft, which I’m calling “Version Zero,” to start visualizing this ecosystem, and I am eager for your insights. Your feedback is not just welcomed; it’s essential. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Feedback on Version Zero: Is the information in this initial version accurate? Are the labels clear and informative? Feel free to scrutinize and suggest improvements.

  2. Additions: Do you know of any projects or technologies compatible with ThinLinc that aren’t represented in Version Zero? Let’s make sure they’re included.

  3. Tools for Collaboration: Ideally, this should be a living document, evolving with community input. If you can recommend any tools that facilitate collaborative editing and updating, it would greatly streamline our process. We want to avoid the hassle of continuously generating new images for each update.

The image attached to this message represents our first step. I’m counting on your expertise to help us refine and expand it. Your contribution will be instrumental in making ThinLinc’s ecosystem more robust and user-friendly.

Looking forward to your valuable input and suggestions!

Warm regards,


GitHub - ppira/thinlinc-server is just a fork of Not my original code.


I believe the deployed ThinLinc non web client is based on Fltk, might be good to add that somewhere in the map.

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Yes, the native client uses FLTK.

ThinLinc uses 54 different open source components according to our “Open Source License Usage Summary”:

The question is where you want to draw the line here @muitotri?

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Here is the PDF file with clickable links.
Open for feedback…

Thanks @pira, @fraterm and @samuel for your contributions.

Interesting to find a way to mention all ThinLinc components without causing a lot of pollution in the visualization.

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Here comes the current list in text mode.

Client software


Graphical acceleration

Hybrid environment

SLURM job launcher

Peripherals - Webcam