Thinclinc Client 4.15 linux version for i686 (ELF 64 bits) is different from before versions f.e. 4.14 (ELF 32 bits) and doesn't run on older machines

Hi, I’m using at home with a very old laptops (centrino with low ram and puppy linux for boot) using the i686 version of the client (4.14 actually),but when i tried to run the new version of client on this machine, no work, no message, no error. I’ve compared versions from the executable and I’ve found there are different, the versions who works are made with ELF 32.Is it posible to make a compilation with ELF32 and can update to the latest version, please?

Best Regards, Sam.

Hi @zzappa

Unfortunately, the i686 version of the Linux client was removed in 4.15.0. Most major Linux distros have now abandoned support for 32-bit x86 silicon. Therefore, we decided that the maintenance cost outweighed the benefit.

We understand that this is bad news for you. But I’m afraid you will have to continue using the 4.14.0 version of the client. ThinLinc 4.14.0 will continue to be supported until 2025-02-07. I recommend that you disable the “Check for client updates” setting.

You can find older client versions on this page:

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