Thinlinc listen address

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First of all, great software, I’ve been using it for some while now without any real issues.

I’ve dug into the documentation and underlying code that comprises Thinlinc, but I can’t seem to identify any configuration that relates to the listen address; by default Thinlinc (webaccess at least) listens on and I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure it to listen on so it makes reverse proxying (e.g., nginx) easier without a firewall.


Hello @penguin2020

No, it’s not possible to configure webaccess to bind to anything other than

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Hi @martin,

Thanks for replying to my question. I know it’s besides the scope of the question, but is there any technical reasoning for this? I know that instead of webaccess I can just use any of the deskop clients and have a thinlinc session via ssh which is quite secure, but I’m just curious since I really enjoy the HTML5 client.



The reasoning behind not having it configurable is that it introduces unnecessary complexity. From an administrative perspective, it’s best configured with firewall policies.