Master NIC to listen on for Thinlinc server

Hi Guys,

Is there a config parameter to point Thinlinc server to listen on specific ip range or one system NIC only?

We touched it a bit here: Configured Thinlinc Server but new installed second network card no access - #4 by aaron

but I would except we should be able to do it simply via config on app level instead of fiddling with a system config or not?

I can see that thinlinc is defaulting on default NIC, but didnt find clear answer in docs or here and my experiments went to nowhere so far.


:wink: Easy one just for a record as @aaron mentioned here the key config is in (debian based) /opt/thinlinc/etc/conf.d/vsmagent.hconf within line: agent_hostname

You got it, @TomGruz. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: