ThinLinc Webinar - Bernd Dammann, Technical University of Denmark

The following presentation was kindly made by long-time ThinLinc user Bernd Dammann (@bernd) , from the Technical University of Denmark. In it he describes their current system at DTU, how ThinLinc fits into it all, and some of the things they learned along the way - over 15 years!

  • Who: Bernd Dammann, Associate Professor of Scientific Computing, DTU
  • When: Thursday April 23rd, 2020
  • Abstract: The DTU Computing Center has a long tradition of providing access to compute resources via thin clients, and integrating the university’s central HPC resources into a desktop-like environment. In this presentation, Bernd Dammann will share the history and experiences with such a setup, over the last 15+ years, and takes a look at future challenges arising.
  • Bernd Dammann is an Associate Professor of Scientific Computing at DTU, and besides doing research and teaching courses about HPC, he also holds a position as the Scientific Lead and Architect in the HPC team of the DTU Computing Center (DCC).


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