TL client for ARM64 or Android?

I have been using the TL Linux app during several years for work on the NSC Triolith and later Tetralith systems. AFAIK NSC never implemented the Web Access part of TL.
Any chance you will release a TL client for ARM64, not HF or consider a release for Android?

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Hi Peter, as far as I know there is nothing currently on the roadmap, but perhaps one of the dev team can clarify (@samuel)? Web Access was intended to provide ThinLinc access from platforms without a native client available, like Android/iOS. So the path of least resistance may be asking NSC to activate the web access component.

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@aaron Thank you for replying. I posed the question to NSC about half a year ago and to no surprise they were not interested in exposing another executable to the wonders of internet access - which I understand, completely.
Edit: Perhaps I should re-phrase myself… it is not that NSC were strictly “not interested”… it was more along the lines of there not being strong enough motivators to add the increased risk.

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Both of these things are stuff we’d like to do, so it’s a matter of prioritization. However, just like @aaron said this is not something on our roadmap currently.

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It would be very interesting to see the actual roadmap. Do you have anything you can share with the general public?


I am also interested.

Perhaps that was a poor choice of words by me. We don’t actually have a long term roadmap as we want to be flexible to what happens around us.

We do of course talk loosely internally about what we believe we will do within the upcoming year or so. However, since these things are constantly subject to change it’s not something we want to share publicly.

I can however share that we are currently working on the very large project of converting ThinLinc to Python 3. That work can be expected to be finished and released around summer 2021.

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Seeing this thread here about the TL client and support for other platforms, I want to also express my/our wish to get the TL client to support more other platforms and definitely also aarch64/arm64.

In fact, IMHO it would be a great move - and probably best - if cendio could consider to open-source the client and move development of it to, e.g. GitHub so that interested third-party developers (like me) could contribute / develop own client versions and also potentially merge these changes back via pull requests.

IMHO the ThinLinc infrastructure could benefit a lot from open up more regarding open source and public development on GitHub&Co. And especially the TL client should be somewhat uncritical to open the development, which could help to significantly increase the community around ThinLinc (which is still rather small given the great technology behind this product!).