Using the license on several servers

I have a question about: how the license works, how the license is counted.
I understand the license is based on the number of concurrent user.
Just want to confirm: the same license can be installed on as many servers as possible, and it is the total concurrent users on these servers are charged?
For example, the license for 15 concurrent users can be installed on 20 servers. And as long as the total concurrent users is not more than 15, it works.
Is my understanding correct?


Hello @xm1234567

The license file must be installed on the server acting as the Master Server, even in set-ups where the ThinLinc Master and ThinLinc Agent are the same server. When using ThinLinc High Availbility, the license file must be installed on both master servers.

Installing the same license file on multiple, different servers/cluster would make it very hard to know the overall license usage.

There could be situations where this type of licensing model is not feasible, so please reach out to us at and describe your use-case a bit more.

Have a fantastic weekend!

OK, I will contact the address above.
Have a good weekend !