Video forwarding

Is any on integrating video forwarding ? Since Linux has all the tools for this on board, it seems like pretty low handing fruit. It might be more difficult to get this to work for the windows and Mac clients, but for Linux clients it should be a piece of cake.

Dear Tobias

We have a running solution for linux clients (Thinstation, Ubuntu), but
until now we found no time to make a public package of it :frowning:

The setup should be secure and is quite stable (we are using it daily
with MS-teams and other Browser based webcam applications). If you’re
interested, please contact me directly.

And ‘no’, at least for us, it was not ‘piece of cake’ :wink: … at the beginning it looked like an easy job, but several weeks later (after ‘tlwebcam’ was productive), it was a typical IT project: we expected one week work, but spent several weeks. From a cost related view: the development was much too expensive - nevertheless, we’re happy to have it now.



I’m also very interested, we’ve been using thinlinc for while and one staff member required zoom to work flawlessly so we had to install a standalone box for her. It would be great to have it all centrally managed again.