Disable updates

I’d like to know if it’s possible to disable updates for the ThinLinc client. I’m currently doing an admin distribution of the client for my organisation, and updates need to be disabled as per policy. Setting the registry key UPDATES_DISABLED = 0 still allows the user to enable updates (the control itself is not disabled).

I think the key you’re looking for is UPDATE_ENABLE, and setting it to 0 would disable the update check.


My bad, meant to say UPDATE_ENABLED. Setting that to 0 doesn’t disable the control.

Interesting! How are you verifying that it’s still trying to check for updates, and what client platform are you using?

I don’t know if it is still trying to check for updates when the setting is at 0, only that the control is still active regardless. So the potential is there for the user to check it back on. We are on a Windows 11 platform.

I see. Depending on how you’ve rolled out the client, and how the users can change the startup behaviour, it might be worth looking at the lock argument to tlclient.


It does not provide very much of granularity, but invoking with -l avanced would grey out the Advanced tab, thus preventing the users from clicking Check for client updates

Thanks for your suggestion. It looks like this is the only possibility at this point, but maybe setting the option to 0 to disable the control is something to implement in future revisions of the software, or perhaps a new option altogether…