Discussing Raspberry Pi 5: ThinLinc ARM Client Compatibility & Use Cases

The announcement of Raspberry Pi 5 has sparked interest in its new capabilities and potential applications.

Many of you have shared interesting use cases of Raspberry Pi as a client in Linux terminal server environments with ThinLinc. See this case: My personal ThinLinc use case and some performance comparison

I’m keen to hear about your experiences with Raspberry Pi, especially with the latest Raspberry Pi 5 and ThinLinc integration.

Please share your use cases and experiences, whether with the Raspberry Pi 5 or earlier models, particularly in connection with ThinLinc.


I just had a go with a Pi5 and RaspberryOS, and no issues to report at all!

I just downloaded the .deb ARM package of https://www.cendio.com/thinlinc/download/ and installed it normally with $ sudo dpkg -i ./thinlinc-client_4.16.0-3389_armhf.deb

Unrelated, but I experienced severe mouse lag (locally) on the Pi5. This was mitigated by adding
usbhid.mousepoll=0 to the end of /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt and rebooting the Pi5.

Other than that, :+1:


Thanks @martin for sharing your experience with the Raspberry Pi5. :grinning:

It is great to hear that it works as a ThinLinc client using the ARM package.

The invitation to the community remain: