Is it possible to manage sessions from the command line?

Following on from our previous article “Is it possible to retrieve detailed session information at the command line?”, with the release of ThinLinc 4.15, a new tool tlctl has been made available for managing sessions at the command line.

While it has always been possible to get information about sessions, tlctl allows administrators to perform tasks such as terminating existing sessions, or abandoning unreachable ones. More information on managing sessions with tlctl can be found at tlctl-session(8).

The same tool can be used to display information about resource usage on a cluster, or on individual agents. Syntax and output are described in tlctl-load(8).

Another new feature of ThinLinc 4.15 is the addition of man pages for all ThinLinc commands. So this information is at your fingertips should you need it.

For an overview of tlctl usage and some example commands, @wilsj has produced a great article over at which can be accessed here: