Issue with Central /home NFS storage

Hello, I have setuped a QNAP server for hosting home repo of Thinlinc nodes.

The fstab on each host look like this: /home nfs defaults,_netdev,rw,hard,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14 0 0

Thinlinc is setuped to launch only Google Chrome at start.

  • When a new Active Directory user connects to Thinlinc, Google Chrome is not launched and is stuck on background screen. The /var/logs/messages show an interesting error when opening a thinlinc session:

And when I look on the NFS server share, the /home of the user is created, but there is not any profile files/folder, like if the skel profile was not created.

  • When creating the NFS shared, what I did was sync existing /home to the NFS folder from all Thinlinc node, maybe some files where erazed during the sync:

rsync -avz /home/*@company.lan /mnt/thinlinc_test/

On this link the documentation says

It is not possible to place the Linux home directory on a CIFS or NCP server, since these typically does not support the necessary POSIX file system semantics (such as hard links)

It is also applying to NFS server ?

Am I missing something ?

Thank you

Hello @s0p4L1n

Just a quick question, are you using autofs perhaps? If so this might apply to you

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I am not using autofs.

I just tried with NFS classic mounpoint.

Maybe I will check with the createhomedir parameters in Thinlinc or maybe I missed some configuration with pam.

Thinlinc is installed on Debian 10 nodes with domain joined (sssd)


Not really sure this is related to ThinLinc… given your screenshot with Permission Denied to .bash_profile, please verify that the permissions for /home are correct. And make homedir shouldnt be necessary if the homedirs already exists on the NFS share.

Does this even work outside of ThinLinc?

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It was not working even outside of Thinlinc, the permission denied of the .bash_profile was logged when trying to connect with the user directly on the user session on the VM.

For Thinlinc, the error was similar because it successful login but did nothing after, like if it did not find the .desktop launcher for Chrome.

I will investigate and try on a lab server.

Yes, I would investigate the permissions on the users home folders under /home

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After investigation, It was an error of mine !

When I rsync the /home user profiles, I also did some chown operation.

The issue was that I affected bad permissions on the wrong path folders.

/home of the NFS share → user1 domain user with 700

I changed this to root root with 755.

It was a mistake of mine, applying the permissions to the wrong folder (/home instead of /home/user1)

It works like a charm now :slight_smile:

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Hello again @s0p4L1n

Really glad to hear that you figured it out!

Have a great week,

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