KDE Plasma troubleshoot help

Hello all,

I installed ThinLinc server on Manjaro (with default Plasma desktop environment), installed ThinLinc client on Windows, I am able to log in to ThinLinc server on Manjaro, however it gets stuck on the default log in screen[1] for a while and then shows me an empty desktop[2], I think it fails to load the window manager.

Any ideas how I could fix it?

[1] https://files.catbox.moe/naxv5p.png
[2] https://files.catbox.moe/llc2l6.png

Hello @TCWL, and welcome to the forum!

Are you logged on locally on the ThinLinc server when you try to log on with the ThinLinc Client?
If so, log out any local KDE session that you might have running and try again from the ThinLinc client.

Kind regards,