ServerName for Variable IP(s) for client AND server (both LinuxMint laptops)

My daughter is 4 hours away:Variable IP(s) for client AND server (both LinuxMint laptops)
How to create
server name (that can cope w/ ^ )?

The videos & manuals seem to gloss over this,
when trying to RTFM…

Linux Mint 21.2 / MATE 1.26.0 (Ubuntu 22.04 jammy)

Thanks kindly, folks!

Hello @Abbysdad

If the ThinLinc server has a dynamic IP address that changes over time, I would suggest finding some DynDNS provider that can give you a static hostname, which gets updated automatically once the IP address of the server changes.

It’s been a while since I last played around with those technologies, so I don’t have any good suggestions for you what to choose from. Perhaps someone else in the community has?