Setting up multiple agent_hostname

I have a server computer connected to my router and a VPN, giving it two IP addresses: one from the router (starting with 192.168…) and another from the VPN server. I need to connect to the server using the VPN IP address when I’m outside my router’s network. However, when I’m on the same network under the same router, I want to use the local IP address (192.168…) of the thinlink server to connect.

I have saved the VPN IP address as the agent_hostname, allowing me to connect via VPN. But I can’t connect using the server’s local IP address when I’m not using the VPN.

I think I need to specify multiple IP addresses or a range of IP addresses in the agent_hostname textbox to achieve this. How can I do this?


It’s not possible to have multiple values for agent_hostname. Instead, what you’d want to do is either set it to a hostname, that will resolve to different IP addresses, depending on if the lookup originates from within your LAN or from the WAN/VPN.

This could be achieved by having a local DNS server serving the local LAN.

Or, you could utilize the HOST_ALIASES parameter on the client side:

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