ThinLinc Flathub and Arch AUR

Can you guys maintain the package in AUR for both client and server. Can you also get a verified version on flathub for the client so these can be more trusted. Kind of important for a package that has such great access to systems. Arch community is kind of left out a little on this one.

I’m afraid that providing Arch packages is not in the current planning. Arch unfortunately has its own package format, rather than building on the more common rpm or deb formats. Presently, we are not seeing enough demand for Arch to prioritise the extra effort required to test and develop a third package format.

That doesn’t mean we have been entirely ignoring Arch. The latest change in our license agreement was with the community Arch packages in mind. It is now fully permissible for Arch (or anyone else) to include the ThinLinc server in their repositories, rather than forcing users to download it from Cendio’s website.

Hopefully, that makes things a bit easier for distributions where we currently have no official packaging.

As for flatpak, we’ve been cautious about taking over that version. The unfortunate fact is that the flatpak technology simple isn’t good enough yet to support all the things the ThinLinc client needs. So even under a Cendio banner, a flatpak client could not be fully supported.

Newbyte is doing an excellent work maintaining the flathub version. We see no advantage in interfering with that by taking over control.