ThinLinc Webinar - Kevin Colby, Purdue University

In this presentation, Kevin Colby (@colbykd) from Purdue University describes how the Research Computing Division provides interactive HPC access to campus researchers using a variety of different tools, including ThinLinc. Kevin has been involved with HPC at Purdue in different roles spanning 20 years.

  • Who: Kevin Colby, Manager of Research Support, ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
  • When: Thursday October 19th 2020
  • Abstract: As HPC finds use in ever more disciplines, the need to lower the barrier for scientists to access supercomputing resources is higher than ever. Traditional access methods such as text-based terminals and batch schedulers may prove a real obstacle to science. Allowing access to these resources in an interactive way can empower many scientists with little effort and help them grow into more advanced users.
  • Kevin Colby has been involved in Research Computing and HPC at Purdue spanning twenty years, in a variety of roles from coding to systems management. Prior to returning to Purdue, Kevin worked for companies in manufacturing and financial services as well. Kevin’s MBA and Bachelor’s in Computer Science are both from Purdue.


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