Conda and dbus connection error: failed to contect to socket /tmp/dbus-QGvdsv7n connection refused

One user got dbus connection refused problem when he has module add conda in his profile.

Server side: CentOS 7 and thinlinc v4.14.0-2408, one standard alone server.
Client side is: Ubuntu. On server side,in his ~/.profile, he has module add conda for convenience.
Because of this line, he got the following error:
Unable to contact settings server. Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-QGqooCO7n: connection refused.

If remove this line, he can connect thinlinc server fine.

Is there any way to load conda and not disturbing thinlinc connection setup?



Hello @xm1234567

It’s a known issue with Anaconda that it will mess things up when launching ThinLinc sessions.
I’ve poked around in our issue tracker, and it seems customers have come to the conclusion that if the Anaconda bin directory comes first in $PATH, it will break things.

One proposed solution was to only set the anaconda PATH for interactive shells, like so:

if [ ! -z $PS1 ]; then
    export PATH="<path-to-anaconda-bin>:$PATH"

Can you check if this solution works for you?


Hello Matin,

Great, it solved the problem! As you suggested, I add this condition in ~/.profile (for interactive ssh login) and .bashrc (for start xterm after thinlinc session)

In ~/.profile

if [ ! -z $PS1 ]; then
        module add conda

in .bashrc

if ! command conda &> /dev/null
       module add conda

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: