Local and remote session on Kubuntu


I would like to connect to my Kubuntu laptop running a Thinlinc server. Right now I have to log out of my user, switch to another user, start the server/agent and then I can log in from another computer.

If I try to connect to the same user that I am logged into, I just get a sort of screensaver and can’t do anything. I have tried playing around with the amount of sessions in Thinlinc and in Kubuntu, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Hello @Pandananana,

You’ve stumbled upon a known limitation of many modern Linux distributions. They simply do not handle multiple graphical sessions for the same account very well. This also holds true for some applications, like browsers and mail clients.

While ThinLinc technically allows for multiple connections for one user, the limitation comes at play with the Linux desktop and DBUS/SystemD subsystems.

Please see Why does starting multiple ThinLinc sessions as the same user sometimes fail? for more information.


Thanks for the explanation!

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