TL Client Instability

Hi - As we are currently working out the bugs to contact support via email (as your server has some very specific requirements, differing from our normal delivery), I am using this medium to start the process as my support@ email request got rejected (again).

Issue Context
We are three weeks post deployment and the biggest end user issue is client instability. We successfully deployed on HP Thin Clients with their ThinPro OS version 8 SP6. But, with a concerning frequency, the version 4.14 client either crashes necessitating a TC (thin client) reboot or generates a connection error, necessitating a TC reboot.

If the TL client crashes, the TC desktop is visible. Clicking on the task bar menu and manually choosing the ThinLinc connect menu option does not provide a prompt. Inserting a smart card in this state does not yield a PIN prompt. The end user is unable to connect until the TC is rebooted.

If a connection error is present (see image below), the only resolution is to click OK and reboot the TC.
The VPN connection issue is somewhat confusing as when in the main office, we connect to the TL server via a LAN connection, whereas our remote site uses a site-to-site VPN tunnel, placing that subnet onto the main network with routing efficiency.


  1. Research via this medium did not yield any input (that I found) on client instability, do you have any input as to what might cause these symptoms?
  2. Does TL 4.15 improve client stability?
  3. Does TL 4.15 recent compilation date create increased compatibility with HP ThinPro 8 SP6?
  4. If TL 4.15 doesn’t offer any direct improvement on this issue, do you have other helpful considerations?

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Hello @Bill

No, nothing has been changed in ThinLinc 4.15.0 client in this regard.

However, this error comes from the system and is reported by the client, so the problem is most likely with the ThinPro OS.

Looking at the code, ‘24’ represents in this context is /* Too many open files */

We’d need to investigate what on this TC is hogging all these resources, it could either be system-wide or for this particular user.

Edit: In Linux, “Too many open files” would mean network sockets, pipes and processes, so lsof, ss and such utilties would be a good start. And also investigate the system journal (journalctl) and the ThinLinc client log for any clues. Please share your results and conclusions and we’ll try to help you the best way we can!

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